Презентация общественного движения миротворцев во Дворце Наций

Во дворце Наций состоялась презентация общественного движения юных миротворцев.

Представители делегации от Украины!
Европейская штаб квартира ООН
Дворец Наций
Женева ,Швейцария.
Мероприятия посвящены международному дню миротворцев ООН
Организатор международная ассоциация миротворцев ООН " Солдаты мира" SPIA
На мероприятии состоялась презентация международного миротворческого движения по воспитанию подростающего поколения в духе мира и миротворчества .Опыт разных стран .
От Украины был представлен город Харьков общественное объединение миротворцев и департамент образования в сотрудничестве с воинскими частями национальной гвардии Украины !
Вперёд миротворцы !

Информация на сайте Международной ассоциации миротворцев ООН Солдаты Мира 

Young Peacemakers Program
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The young Peacemakers programme of the Aisp-spia HQ, in partnership with the teachers and principals of schools, is aimed primarily at young primary and secondary school students interested in the United Nations or who simply wish to do good around them through acts of citizenship and peace. It lasts 1 year and is renewable for 3 years, the young peacemaker will be able to move to higher status if he wishes the following year, and will catch new recruits.
To become a young peacemaker, you must first go through a three-month trial period during which young peacemakers must prove their involvement and motivation by performing peaceful acts in their classes. At the end of these three months, the young peacemakers are given a blue Beret with the United Nations insignia, a membership card and a blue tie and a young peacemakers passport. It is in this passport that they will have to record their peace actions throughout the year. They will have to carry out at least 4 citizenship and peace actions during their school year, while showing a peaceful and mediating behavior within their school. Aisp-spia HQ will validate the new recruits selected in advance by the teachers at the beginning of the year and will reward them at the end of the year with a diploma and a new badge.
This program has already started in Russia and Ukraine. Young Russian and Ukrainian peacemakers will be invited to the UN on 31 May 2018 on the occasion of the International Day of peacekeepers. This will allow us to present the programme to the United Nations, with a view to extending it to our country and others in the future.
P.S. This year , at the Palace of Nations in Geneva , Switzerland, the methods of work Of Kharkiv peacekeepers from Ukraine were presented personally by the President of the international Association of world leaders of the UN "Soldiers of peace" Laurent Attar Bayru